Exam Tutoring

One to one tuition can help you be more confident and achieve a higher examination grade. We offer courses in preparation for a range of examinations.

Core Subjects

All of our tutors are graduates or qualified teachers who could help you achieve qualifications and confidence across all core subjects.

GCSE & A Level

Private tutors can be beneficial for students who have missed some of their courses through absence or otherwise. We can help students retake an examination to achieve a higher grade.

Language Tuition

We offer language training for local companies on our premises for small groups or in your firm's training area, giving a business emphasis from the start.

Colchester Tutorial Centre has been established for over 25 years and we are leaders in one to one tuition for the Colchester area.

Our mission is to provide private help and tutoring of students of all ages on a one to one basis. Our fully-qualified, professional tutors tailor education to students for specific needs and levels of weakness, helping them to be more confident in the subject they are learning. We are committed to each fo our students and are able to set homework if the student or parent wishes.

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One on One learning

Dedicated one on one tutoring in the Colchester area helping you achieve a higher understanding of your subject

A range of subjects

From core subject such as English and Maths to languages and economics, we have the skills and commitment for your tutoring.

Tutoring for any age

From students studying their SATs to mature people wanting to learn a new language we are fully-equipped to help you learn more.

specialised tutoring

If a student has learning difficulties or needs extra help with writing, reading, spelling or more we have the expertise to help.